Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pigs on the Farm

The homegrown pigs have had a great time reaching maturity. We really enjoyed this group of porkers each with its own personality. Pigs are very smart animals and develop games to keep themselves from becoming bored and to entertain one another.

Here one of the pigs is a comedian and the chickens are the audience!

Now this pig insisted on carrying a stick around. Sometimes he would drop the stick and grab it before another pig could pick it up. It was a modified version of Keep Away!

Then there was the tireless and timeless game of tag. The pigs would choose one to be "it", and the other pigs would chase the one that was it. When caught all the pigs would roll around together.

There was plenty of time in the pasture for grazing, wandering off to the spa for a mud bath, a roll in the dust to cool off, and moving freely from pasture to pasture. The ten pigs have been butchered now and they will be filling the freezers for many happy families.

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