Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Anna!

Happy Birthday, Anna Grace! Anna turned 4 today.

On Sunday, we celebrated a birthday lunch with her. We had all of Anna's favorites to eat and believe it or not the menu consisted of spinach salad, oven fried chicken, and warm potato salad.

The spinach salad was made with fresh greens, farm fresh eggs, bacon, avocado, green onions and nothing else! No dressing was needed as everything blended together.

Oven fried chicken is truly one of Anna's favorite dishes. She slips into a soft hum of daintily eating a drumstick and licking her little fingers. Then quietly says, "More chicken please!" It is so fun to watch Anna eat chicken.

Warm potato salad is a great surprise! We discovered this by accident. Actually it was a late preparation one summer day and the potato salad was forgotten until nearly meal time. What I thought would be a disaster turned into a family favorite! Potato salad made the same old way, but instead served warm. This particular salad had potatoes, eggs, a little bit of bacon, green onions, pickle juice, and mayo. It stirs into almost mashed potato salad and everyone enjoys the comforting warmth, especially our birthday girl!

Happy Birthday to our special Anna Boo Boo! We sure do love you~~

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