Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hot Cross Buns

The first batch of hot cross buns is complete. I remember as a child our hot cross buns had bits of dried fruit and currants, but this batch has only golden raisins or sultans as the Irish call them. They also have cinnamon, nutmeg and a shake of allspice. The frosting was touched with a bit of orange oil to bring back the childhood memory of citron! Are you ready for Good Friday?


  1. Sounds much lovelier than the dry old hot cross buns of my youth. Currants are just yuck.
    I love the sound of those wine jellies. Are apple jacks what we call crab apples? The little wild kind?

  2. Great picture. look delicious! I didn't make Hot Cross buns last night, but I did make banana bread. HC buns have to wait till Saturday night for Sunday morning. Hope your Good Friday is Great! Love, Trina xo

  3. Vicky, the apple jacks is an apple/blackberry wine.
    Trina, thanks for visiting! I bet your buns will be tasty for Easter morning too!