Sunday, October 7, 2012


We lived in musical rooms like the old game we used to play with kids called musical chairs! The bathroom fixtures were moved to the kitchen, the kitchen was moved to the living room and dining room, and the dining room and living stayed where they should be even with the stove and dishwasher next to the couch! In a flurry of a month, the outside of the house was repainted, the picket fence was mended and painted, the shower was torn out and tiled along with the bathroom floor and the walls were painted and new lighting fixtures and trim finished it off. Then we said, hmmm, what about the kitchen? so we painted more walls, refinished the cabinets, and moved the appliance out and repair old sub flooring and put tile on top. Then we cleaned and dusted and put away or gave away the rest of the mess and we were finished just in time to beat the rush of harvest before the frost! Here are some before and after pictures: Outside painting of the house was completed by College Pro Painters. Outside clean up from painters and all fencing and detail work completed by Tim.
The Bathroom: There were two major leaks. One was evident at the shower, the other one was not so evident at the toilet. Both were repaired, sub flooring replaced, sheet rock, shower wall, and plumbing repaired and fixtures replaced. The bathroom project took one week. The toilet was out of order for 24 hours of that week! Phew!!
Then it was time for the kitchen to be painted, refinish the cabinets, and repair and replace the floor. Initially, we just planned to paint so the appliances were moved out and then returned to position. Then we decided to change the flooring so the appliances had to be completely removed to another room while the work was completed. Tim and I painted and refinished the cabinets. Nathan Sheets did all of the tile work. It took 5 days to complete the kitchen and the appliances were out all five days. Don't worry, the essential item, coffee, was made accessible at all phases of construction!
At last the chaos of construction is over and we have settled back into the routine of harvest chaos! More of the harvest soon ~


  1. Hi Tim & Kari
    Wow your home looks lovely so worth the frustration of renovating. Kari I spotted a wall quilt, how about a closer look sometime.

    Your post on dehydrating eggplant inspired me to dry some too, for making potato and eggplant curry. Done some bananas while I was at it.
    Rina xxx

    1. Thank you, Rina. You are right, it is worth it in the end! The quilt I will get a close up for you. A friend's mom passed away a year ago and this was one of nearly 150 quilts in her magnificent collection.
      I would love to hear how you make the potato and eggplant curry. Happy Days!

  2. It's looks fantastic! I had no idea you were changing around so many things. I'll bet you're both glad that the work is done and it looks beautiful

    1. Hi Annie,
      Thank you! We changed things around only during the process, but all parts were put back in the original location. Yes! We are glad it is done. We have bushels of apples that were waiting for us and so, so lucky to have a warm October so far.