Friday, March 15, 2013

Baby Chicks are Here!

Our newest batch of baby chicks have arrived! There are forty-two little nubbins and peepers. These little fluff balls are part of the Araucana count.

There are eighteen New Hampshire Reds. They were popularized in the 1930's as a dual purpose bird. They are known to be fast growing, on the large side, and they are also great layers.

The New Hampshire Reds were surprisingly different from the Rhode Islands that we got last year. Surprising because they have a similar lineage. These little peeps are just three days old.

They need plenty of fresh water which means about three changes a day, warmth from a heat lamp, and plenty of food to eat at will!

This batch is a combination of Araucanas and Silver Laced Winged Wyandottes. The Araucanas lay the beautiful green or blue or turquoise or even pink eggs. All of the others will lay a shade of brown; some lighter and some darker than the others.

Brand new baby chicks have a soft, peep, peep, peep song when heat,food,and water are just right...kinda sounds like all of us, huh?!

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