Monday, November 4, 2013

Walnuts and Leaves

Oh, the leaves and nuts are falling in full force these days. There are 21 crates of nuts drying in the front room and easily 100 times more waiting to be picked up! The rains are coming soon though and it makes for a mucky mess especially at the back door. Clean up and pick up is underway!
Raking and picking and raking and sifting through the leaves for more nuts! It was such a pleasant afternoon we enjoyed the work and our dogs enjoyed the nuts too!
Each pile was carefully inspected for more nuts! That seems like a lot of attention for the walnuts, but time is ticking and the longer they are on the ground the more the damp foggy mornings can affect them. So we are picking and cleaning and drying as quickly as possible at this time of year.
Aaahhh, now the serious raking begins! The tractor was used to scoop and move many loads of leaves to the back pasture.
Eagerly waiting, but keeping their distance from the tractor, our goats will really enjoy the leaves. Don't worry. Goats naturally pace themselves. They graze and eat when they are hungry. When there is a new treat, they gobble up and fight over the best spot to eat, but they don't overfill.
Many more trips to move the leaves and the husks from the walnuts and the area was nearly clear of the ground cover.
At last, the work is done...well, half of the tree and ground under it is finished enough to limit the amount of debris entering the house!
There are many more trees to clear and plenty of leaves on the ground, but many, many more left to fall. It is a gorgeous time of year in Southern Oregon!
Now, back to the walnuts!! Drying, curing, bagging, cracking, cleaning, baking, chopping, eating goodness!

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