Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stone Soup and Candy Cane Ice Cream Sandwiches

Gathering together is the best part of Christmas or anytime of year! After our Alaska Family made it to Southern Oregon, cousins and sisters and Aunties and Uncle gathered for an evening meal.

There was plenty of activity in every corner of the old farmhouse! Anna was showing her skills of jump roping with her handmade jump rope. She made it in her first grade class. Brother Tyler is trying to master and I.Q. peg game and Cousin Ada is busy with a book.

In the kitchen, Evelyn and Cousin Ryan were getting reacquainted with the help of beautiful Mama/Auntie Karyn. Evelyn Rose LOVES her cousins and delights with squeals of joy when she sees them.

A little one on one pal time! Only ten years apart and what fun to watch the cousins mingle.

Finally dinner is ready. We decided to eat in shifts as it would be easier on this night. Stone Soup, by request of Aiden was made for dinner.

Ada was very surprised to find a stone in her soup...she actually found an agate, even better! The soup is made with all of the garden goodies and any left overs that were found in the fridge. There was homegrown applesauce and some quinoa, corn, and vegie chip scoopers for fun.

Aiden loves the soup and always returns the stone so that we can make it again!

Evelyn enjoying dried pears in her Daddy's arms. Those dried pears are great teething rings! Her hair stands up at attention most of the time right now and it is so darling.

Cousins gathered together at the table for a simple meal.

And then the dessert!  Candy cane ice cream sandwiches! Homemade oatmeal cookies from Jojo's recipe filled with pink candy cane ice cream. Creamy, sweet fun!

Sweet Anna loves it all!

Then the grown ups got to eat and Nana and Papa played with the littlest one of all! So many special times gathering together on the farm ~

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