Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Winter Blues

The best winter blue eggs we've seen! Our severe snow and ice storm in December was very hard on the hens. They had plenty of shelter and food and water, but the many days of cold really wore them down. Three days ago two of our hens finally started laying eggs again. The light blue and a soft green blue egg are the results of the hardiest hens.

Look who is standing watch! Yes, our friend Chicken Hawk is back and taking up residence so boldly on top of the barn. This particular photo was about 4 in the afternoon as the light is starting to get low enough to call the hens into rooster.  The water buckets that they drink from before roosting are directly below the hawk.

The chickens were locked in early to the coop so that our hawk had to find some thing else to eat for the night. She flew all over the farm, landing in walnut trees watching and waiting, but we were watching too!

The only think caught tonight was a few photos of this magnificent menace to chickens! So the winter blues have struck for the hawk. We can only hope that the hawk moves on soon.  The hens will remain under protection until the red tailed hawk develops an appetite for something els. We don't want to risk losing any chickens or beautiful blue eggs!

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  1. Glad your chickens are producing now! The blue eggs really stand out against the white countertop.