Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lavender Bundles

Here we are at the first few days of July and the lavender has come into full bloom. It is a haven for the variety of pollinators on the farm and swarming with innocent activity. The bees and butterflies simply want a drink of sweet nectar. There were about ten different bees and butterflies working this one lavender bush.

The swallowtail butterfly was among them searching out the juiciest nectar and flitting and fluttering from sprig to sprig and flower to flower with dainty feet landing and tongue lapping up what sustains this pretty butterfly.

After watching all of the activity and wishing them all well with their work, I joined the hustle and bustle, but gently, so I would not disturb the bees and the butterflies at work in the English Lavender.

Clipping, gathering, and banding 31 sprigs of lavender per bundle, until there were at least fifteen different bundles plus extra miniature stems with lavender flowers. The little cottage garden next to the old farmhouse smells so good. There is plenty of mint growing, sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary, lemon balm, roses, hollyhock, snapdragons, day lilies, yarrow, and of course the lovely lavender plants.

Rubber bands that come wrapped around produce in the winter months worked perfectly to hold the lavender bundles together. The lavender can be used for making tea, jelly, lemonade, sauces, salads, 
sachets, or simply decorating in bouquets and freshening the farmhouse.

Then they were hung on the clothes line so that the blossoms pointed toward the ground and they will stay like this for the next few weeks.  The portable clothespin wheel will be moved to a darker place without a chance of a sprinkler shower. By the end of July they will be ready for a little lace and placement at the center of the wedding tables! ~

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