Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hope Floats Scarecrow

The school where I teach puts scarecrows up on the fenceline every year to greet the farmers and community members during the harvest season. This year our school is also attending to Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Students and staff have been encouraged to wear pink on Fridays and are writing letters and notes of encouragement to cancer patients receiving treatment. On the 30th of October, students will have a Hope Floats Assembly and enjoy ice cream floats as a treat. 

In the greenhouse is Hope the Scarecrow. I made her out of a sunflower head with walnut eyes and nose and red pepper lips. She has mini sunflower hands and barn boots. The pumpkins and gourds were painted with tempera paints and the gooseneck gourds were given a necklace of chicken feathers for a dressed up look! In celebration of all of the families and fighters of breast cancer and thank you, Mom for your incredible fight 19 years ago. ~ Keep spreading the Hope and Love! ~

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