Monday, May 24, 2010

Green Party

The warmest day this past week end hit nearly 70 degrees. It seemed to be a neighborhood event as everyone was out tilling the fields on their green tractors! Our neighbors with much bigger property and much bigger tractors, were discing and tilling for the pumpkin patch they are putting in and they were also seeding for the corn maze that will surround the pumpkin patch. Their big tractors were inspiring, so we got our little Deere out and did some tractor work of our own!

The garden is now fully tilled and ready to seed and put the transplants in, but the weather needs to cooperate a little bit more. Temperature highs are in the 50's and temperature lows are dipping to 40. Many of the summer crops need 80 soil temperatures to germinate. At this point we are just going to stick to cabbage transplants and we are thankful the tilling time is nearly complete.

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