Monday, May 17, 2010

The Silo

The Silo is complete! It took many hands to work together to help complete the assembly of this two ton feed bin. From the youngest to the oldest of us, we are grateful and thankful for family and friends who were willing to give of themselves and their time to set the silo up on its feet!

Now we can order a high quality, custom ground, organic ration of feed at bulk prices. This silo will hold two tons of grain. The feed for the pigs stays dry and clean and will pour directly into a feed barrel and then off to the hopper. The ten happy pigs in the pasture supplement their grazing and rooting with this feed.

We celebrated all of the building and constructing with a farm fresh meal of grilled pork steaks and chops, baked beans with bacon, salad, and there was even a little blackberry short cake to top off a day full of work and family fun on the farm!

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