Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In the Garden

Tim has worked wonders this summer with our water situation! He is the water magician! Every little drop of water counts and although it appears to be a luxury to have the hose running freely, it is just a mirage!

The water that we are so grateful to have access to, came with a high pressure price. Most of our (new)soaker hoses blew out from too much pressure. This will be rectified this fall, but in the meantime, we make do with what we have to use: a good old fashioned hose!

Every color of the rainbow was found in the garden. Today was a mini harvest and the goodies will be used in garden sauce, pickles, fresh eating and sharing. The basil keeps better by just pulling it our roots and all, tucking into a fresh jar of water in the kitchen, and using the leaves as needed for sauces, pizza, and pesto.

You can see by the photos that there is a great deal of smoke in the air. There is a wildfire burning along the Illinois River called the Oak Flat Fire. Crews are hoping to contain the fire within a week. It is a tough job with the steep terrain of the rugged Southern Oregon Mountains. The sunflowers seem to glow in the smokey haze...where there is smoke, there's beauty!

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