Monday, May 16, 2011

Home Improvements

The old farmhouse was built in 1930. We have made many renovations in the last 13 years, mostly to maintain the craftsman quality of the home. One of the rooms that has been neglected in the downstairs bedroom. Several years ago, a cougar came to the property for a chicken dinner. Actually, the cougar helped himself to many chickens for dinner that night. In the excitement, yours truly thought to bang on the bedroom window in order to distract the cougar. It was not a successful strategy and in fact, it broke the inside pane of glass. Well, now it is years later and with the help of the outer storm windows, the broken window has been ignored. Now it is time for the replacement!

Here is the old, tired looking window, and the last of the evidence of the dreadful night of a cougar in the barnyard.

Here is the after picture of the new windows and freshly painted walls. Next will be the trim around the windows and the ceiling and floor. The light fixture will also have a makeover, but for now this is good progress. The garden planting season is later than usual this year because of the wet, damp spring, so the finish work just might be complete by the first of June!

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