Tuesday, May 31, 2011

St. Croix Sheep

Here is the pair of St. Croix Sheep also known as hair sheep that we picked up this past week end. They are green machines. In other words, they don't require petro fuels, they don't break down and need a mechanic, and they work in the sun and the rain! We were down to only two sheep on the farm and too much pasture to keep mowed. So this pair of two year old wethered (neutered) sheep will help with the trimming!

As you can see, there is a big difference between the woolly sheep and the hair sheep. The Woollies need to be sheared every spring, but the hair sheep shed their winter wool. The hair sheep will also eat a bigger variety of grasses and weeds which will help keep the pasture grass at a more manageable level.

Now they are adjusting to their new home. These two fellows had never seen chickens or other breeds of sheep and their curious antics were fun to watch. We will be getting another pair of St. Croix Sheep at the end of June they will just be weaned by then and oh, so cute!


  1. Cute lawnmowers. I love the fact that they don't need shearing.

  2. Hi Tim & Kari, I love the idea of not shearing the sheep, that would cut down my costs heaps. Always get a shearer in to do all the jobs needed. About time I learn to do some of them myself. Just love your dehydrator and those yummy strawberries. what a treat for winter.