Saturday, July 30, 2011

Well Drilling Success!!

We drilled for water this month amid many other adventures in July. Here is the photos of that beautiful day! We (the drilling company) drilled down 37 feet and struck 15 gallons per minute of clear, sweet, refreshing water. These pictures so the first stage. After being without running water on the farm and years of careful water monitoring, we are thrilled beyond belief and so very grateful that there was so much water just below our feet!

The photos don't do the enormity of the project justice! The sheer size of the equipment being used was incredible all by itself. The volume was another stunning measurement of huge as the drill dug into the earth and then the piercing began to test if water was available. The initial prep and set up of equipment took the most time. Finding a path that would suit a truck with the need for a 40 foot clearance for the tower, among our 85 year old walnut trees was tricky. In the end, a young lilac tree that was about 12 years old was sacrificed. Small price to pay with the success of the well.

Once water was found and contained, it was capped off with a lovely red top. The next stage was to bring the water into our existing plumbing and holding tank system and finally into the house. This included a submersible pump being installed into the well. Eventually, we had a "baker pump" installed onto the top of the well head so that when electric goes out, we still have access to water. The men at Clouser Drilling and Rogue Valley Pump are our super heroes! There will be more photos, but here is the beginning our amazing well drilling story.

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  1. Yay, a well.
    Consider the size of the machinery, they seem to have made very little mess.