Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Farmer Man!

It is birthday Apple Pie for dessert instead of cake for Farmer Man!

Tyler, the co-conspirator is ready to dig into the apple pie with Papa!

It wouldn't be a birthday party without twinkling Irish eyes of mischief!

The Three Little Leprechauns sitting on a bench...Tyler, Aiden, and Ryan.

Everyone all together to celebrate a very loving, kind, and happy Irish Man! We feasted on BBQ pork meatballs, rice pasta with spinach, garlic bread, applesauce, eggnog, and apple pie! Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man~ xo


  1. Happy Birthday Mate, many more, hope ya did not indulge in to many coldies.

    Lot of love Rina (I put away the OZ Slang for now)

  2. Happy Birthday Tim. that apple pie looks lovely.

  3. Now that's a pie! I love you! Trina