Sunday, November 20, 2011

Walnut Pickers

There are so many nuts on this farm! We are scrambling to pick them all up, so we brought in reinforcements to help with the harvest. Anna and Aiden were just the help we needed!

The kids were eager and helpful and each chose a colorful bucket to fill. Then the hunt for hiding nuts in the leaves began.

Aiden has his hands full with walnuts. He was such a big helper. When there were 5-7 nuts in his bucket, he would deliver them to Papa's bucket and then return to the work of finding 5 or 6 or 7 more!

Anna was intrigued with finding the tiniest nuts of all, but also managed to fill her whole bucket by counting to 100. You never know how much math is used on the farm!!

Aiden was nearly overworked and took a break on the tire swing. It was the perfect reprieve for the grand finale!

Anna had an amazing genetic connection to her mama and auntie with tortured phrases of "How much longer are we going to do this?" or "Do you really like picking up walnuts, Nana?"...I finally had to ask Anna if Mama or Auntie told her to say those things, as I know I heard them in the past!!

Finally all of the counting and diligence paid off and the time for the grand finale of pouring the buckets of nuts into the crates to dry was here. Obviously, Aiden was impressed!

As soon as the buckets were emptied for drying, our new recruits turned quickly to the barn. I am assuming the walnut collection was all they hoped it would be and they were off for more fun.

Aiden and his pals, Dutchess and Marial watched the little Nigerian Dwarf goats in the pasture. They said a few words, and chased each other at the fence line.

Anna continued with the chores and egg collecting. She loves to find the eggs in the barn in the nesting boxes and in a few surprise places. Production is down at this time of year, so there were only enough eggs to fill four little hands.

The geese overhead signaled it was time for dinner. We call them Honkers, so Aiden called "Honk, Honk, Hhhhhonkers" all the way back to the house.

For dinner, the hard little workers ate cheeseburgers and tater tots. Aiden wanted a 'whowe' cheeseburger and Anna said we should really have tater tots the next time they come to visit for dinner. It was a celebration dinner and the very last tomato from the garden was sliced and eaten on the burgers. Pumpkin cakes were ready for dessert.

The little farm workers were tuckered out and fell fast asleep as visions of sugared walnuts danced in their heads! It was a perfect day to work on the farm~


  1. Adorable pictures. So fun to see.

  2. I'm not suprised that they are spark out in that last photo, all that fresh air and hard work. Bless. x