Friday, December 30, 2011


We went to Alaska for Christmas to celebrate with our youngest daughter Karyn, her husband Zac and little one, Ada! We were there for six glorious days sharing great food, laughter, books, books, books, a lot of snow and memories that will last a lifetime! It was an amazing trip. We flew in on Christmas Eve, just as Santa and his reindeer were taking off for their annual deliveries. It was cold and it began to snow and kept on snowing throughout the week. That doesn't stop Alaskans, though. They can travel in all types of snow and ice conditions and if they can't use cars, they just use skis, snowshoes, dogsleds or skates! We saw a moose, bald eagle, various other north country birds, but the best sights of all were our three precious Northern Lights!

We gasped and gaped in awe at the stunning beauty of the mountains, the snow falling and falling outside the windows, and marveled at how comfortably warm we stayed although the temperatures were near 0 degrees Fahrenheit. We hiked to a frozen lake through a magical quiet, white wilderness. We visited local shops, brewed lots of coffee, baked bread, cinnamon rolls, roasted farm fresh pork, and sipped many cups of hot chocolate. Karyn is a pastry chef at a French Bakery and Cafe. She is responsible for all of the deliciously beautiful treats on display as well as loaves of bread, brioche,and baguettes. Ada Belle is a darling at one and a half and speaks equal parts of French and English. It was a dream come true to enjoy a white Christmas with our loved ones in Alaska!


  1. Hi Kari and Tim, Man what I would not give for a white Christmas, never experienced one:(( and to spend it with family what more could you ask for. Love all your snow pics love Rina

  2. Hope you had a wonderful christmas.
    I feel cold just looking at those photos with all that whiteness! Brrrr.