Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa's Packs

Santa's Pack on the farm looks like this! The walnuts that were crated for drying and now packed into mostly red bags and ready for delivery or for cracking! The biggest lumps weigh 50 pounds, the Rogue Valley onion bags weigh 30 pounds, the mid sized red bags weigh 15 pounds, and the little purple sassy bags weigh 5 pounds. Many of the walnuts have already been given out, so this is what remains! They really are decorative don't you think?!

Here are some of the walnuts cleaned out of their shells. They will be chopped up for a butternut casserole. They are full of healthy fats and protein, and especially heart healthy.

Speaking of butternut casserole, here it is! This squash was especially orange and large. It roasted in the oven for about an hour and then was stirred together with eggs, brown sugar, a little milk and baked. Nearing the end of baking time, the decorations were added.

You guessed it! The decorations were thanks to the walnuts! They are mixed with brown sugar and 2 tablespoons of butter and finish off in the oven for the final minutes of baking. This dish can be served as a side to lamb chops or any other meat dish. It is similar in texture to pumpkin pie, but without as much sugar, although it is sweet enough to be quite enjoyable to eat as a dessert.

And while we are eating dessert, we admire our slightly larger living room now that all of the drying crates are packed away and the nuts are snug in the Santa Pack! How is your holiday decorating going?!

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