Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eating Out Part 2

We love the opportunity to eat out, so when we have the chance and the heat is on, outside is the best place to share a meal together. This particular evening had four generations together.
We set up dinner at the opening of Hellgate Canyon and the mouth of Zigzag Creek. It was late enough in the evening to get the shade over part of the canyon.
Preferred seating was honored and the house filled quickly.
Some of the wait staff was more than hungry and started eating right away! Who can resist such a cutie pie!?
There were many choices and plenty to share on our Eating Out Adventure.
As the crowd dwindled, the sun set a little lower in the sky and the temperatures dropped below 100 degree.
On the menu by color, watermelon with mint leaves, carrot sticks with dill dip, pineapple, cabbage slaw with raisins, rice pasta with turkey pesto, lavender tarts, and cukes and toms. (One guess which menu choice didn't come from the farm!)
The view was spectacular and there was virtually no wind. The canyon walls reach above the water more than 120 feet. The depths of the water in the canyon are as deep as 104 feet.
Ada enjoying the cool water, sandy beaches, the birds that came to watch as we ate out!
Karyn, Zac, and Ada from Alaska, Mom and Pop O'Brien from Chicago, and Tim and the photographer from Grants Pass.
Eating out is always a great idea! Here's to living the good life ~

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  1. Great food, beautiful scenery and eating dinner with loved ones, what could be better?