Thursday, August 16, 2012

Peaches of August

We have had several peach trees over the years and they just haven't done so well. Usually a late frost kills the buds and we have a few lingering peaches in August. Last year there was all of 20 peaches. We thought about cutting the last of the peach trees out, but Tim decided to prune away one last time. It worked!  We have picked over 170 pounds of peaches this year and they all ripened in the height of the busy season between river trips, farm work, family visits and heat.  We were happy to have the extra helping hands!

The first two bushels and they smelled so sweet! Baskets were ordered from Lehmans.
Golden, sweet, juicy, ripe and ready to preserve for later or to eat right away.
Tim's parents from Chicago and nephew from Ohio! There was a lot of taste testing and smiles!
Peach crisp...mmm...good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, get the idea!
Dehydrated peaches will last through the winter for trail mix snacks and in hot cereal.
At it again and this time it was made into spiced peach butter, frozen for smoothies and frozen for pies.
Peeling, music, conversation and before we knew it more than four bushels were processed.
Of course, ready to eat pie was the reward for the hard at work peelers! Only one bushel to go! We will keep the peach tree and hope for the best again next year!


  1. Wow Kari, what a lot of great looking peaches!!

    Are Tim's parents gardeners or was this all new to them?

  2. Tim's parents are from Chicago! They plant tomatoes, basil, and peppers every year in their side yard and have wonderful flowers, but the gardening on the farm is new to are the bugs! The other interesting information they shared with us is most of their produce in Chicago is shipped in from CHINA!! Can you believe is?