Thursday, June 13, 2013

June on the Farm

We have wonderful helpers who visit the farm. Today were four of our grandchildren who came for an evening visit. We ate burgers o the deck made with ground bison. We also had deviled eggs made by Anna, cantaloupe, and strawberries and cream for dessert. There are ten turkeys, 39 chickens: 15 laying hens, 7 pullets and 17 meat birds that are New Hampshire Reds, 3 goats, 2 sheep, 2 dogs, and a couple of farmers! After our evening meal with the kids, we went to the barn to call all of the girls in just in time for other red-tailed hawk to strike one of the young meat birds. Tim was able to get the little chicken back, but we don't know if she will make it. The hawk strikes the back hard and it appears to damage or break the spinal column causing paralysis. The little chicken was carried inside and tried to rally around. Only time will tell. The young turkeys are darling. They whistle chirp when they are happy and content. There are 10 heritage birds: chocolate turkeys and bourbon red turkeys. Yes, I will admit I chose them for the name alone! They were hatched May 7, and seem to be holding their own. Turkeys are quite fragile. Just when we were beginning to get brave enough for the next level of freedom, the hawk struck, so the turkeys will have another week or so in the safety of the barn stall. We are getting about 11 eggs a day from the laying hens. A few of them are pretty old, but with names like Beauty and Maude, it has been hard to find them ready for the stewing pot! The seven newest are silver laced wing wyandottes and araucanas. I call them the Pleiades or the Seven Sisters, after the constellation. They are charming, sweet, and stick closely together. The young pullets stay close to the barn and coop and follow my voice when they hear me. The little hens will visit while I weed in the garden from the other side of the fence. Weatherwise, it has been beautiful in Southern Oregon. Cooler than average temperatures this past week, but also a welcome relief from the steady 93 degree weather we had at the end of May and first week of June. Hopefully this finds you healthy and happy and ready for a great summer with family and friends!

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