Monday, June 24, 2013

Raspberries Part 1

One of the local farmers offers a U-Pick Raspberry Patch and we were lucky enough to hit it early in the morning while it was still cool and the berries were abundant! There is a little table that says "honor system" put your money in the box! Flats are provided, pint sized boxes that fit inside of the flats are provided and even buckets with strings are available for use.
Between the two of us, we picked three flats of raspberries. There are plenty of berries now for freezing, jamming, baking, and eating fresh!
Three flats totaled just under 20 pounds of berries and they are full of the best flavor. Raspberries keep best will cooled in the refrigerator immediately and stored in shallow containers.
After picking we drove over to Jacksonville on the way home. We stumbled across The C Street Bistro which is a little restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating and all foods purchased from local farmers. They offer brunch all day long and strong delicious coffee!
We arrived fresh from the fields complete with stained fingers and barn boots! It doesn't matter as the usual dress code for restaurants in Southern Oregon is "come dressed"!
We sat outside and enjoyed fresh scrambled eggs with house made sausage and herb roasted potatoes. The food was really amazing and the potatoes were seasoned with a BBQ rub and rosemary that really made a delicious combination.
After our brunch, we were revitalized for the drive home through the Applegate Valley where we saw the Paraglider World Chamionships! It was picturesque to see the hang gliders circling over the tops of mountains at about 5,000 feet in the many different colors. There is always a treat to see around every country corner. Remember to get off the interstate!

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