Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sunflowers and Zinnias

Blooming gardens make smiling gardeners! Plant a few extra flowers into the vegetable garden and it will attract a bigger variety of pollinators and make happy farmers!
Today it was 104 degrees in Southern Oregon. The thermometer read 97 degrees in the tucked away and shadiest spot on the farm. The garden loves the heat as long as there is plenty of water.
Just beginning to open up for the sunshine and bright yellow petals.
Seems to be unflolding before our eyes. By tomorrow morning this pretty flower will be in full bloom.
These girls are ready for a party and so bright and cheery.
Sunflowers also make for a dramatic show especially with the nearly visible heat waves and clouds thinking about gathering together for thunder.
Aaaah, the zinnias! They are planted below, between, beside the sunflowers and are reaching for their height! The garden party is ready~

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