Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yellow Wax Beans

Mmmmm. I love Yellow Wax Beans. They are tender, tasty, and full of fresh garden flavor. They are pretty, too!
We have been picking the yellow wax beans about two times a week right now and feeling spoiled that the pretty little purple blossoms keep producing! The beans are delicious right off of the bush.
They are also delightful made into Dilly Beans with some green tomatoes, garlic, pepper, and dill. This is a pickled preserve and so refreshing especially in the middle of winter when nothing will satisfy the need for a garden snack.
Finally, a fresh one bean salad is a favorite this summer. The yellow wax beans were cooked until tender. Drained. Cooled. Add a chopped garden tomato or two, slice up some fresh from the garden basil leaves, thinly sliced onion or green onion, and top it all off with your favorite Italian dressing or balsamic vinaigrette. There you have it, a refreshing one bean salad! How do you use your yellow wax beans?

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