Saturday, August 24, 2013

Turkeys and Chickens

We are raising some poultry for meat. We have 8 turkeys that are three and a half months old. They are Chocolate Turkeys and Bourbon Red Turkeys. Both are heritage breeds and growing very well! The Chocolate Turkeys have mostly brown bodies. The older corn on the cob is a big hit these days. Another favorite is cantaloupe and half the fun is eating them from the outside in and finding the seeds in middle always calls for a turkey whistle!
The chickens we are raising for meat and eggs are New Hampshire Reds. They are also an older breed and very pretty birds. These pullets are 5 months old and ready for the next phase of contributing to the farm shares! The chickens have had free range on over an acre of pasture grass, plus daily grain rations and some leftovers from the vegetable garden. Don't worry, the smoke in the background is lightening up and we have clearer days now! Thank you firefighters, everyday!

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