Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pasture Raised

Pasture raised is the motto on our farm! We have pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys, and chicken that live and grow out in the Southern Oregon sunshine and rain and fog and snow! In the middle of winter we have managed to see some amazingly sunny days in the midst of winter and even a pretty sunset or two along with the animals. All of the animals are on pasture for their whole life, except when they are the tiniest of babies in a warm, cozy stall with their mamas, or deep straw bedding and a heat lamp. Fresh well water, organic feed, pasture grass, vegetable surplus, and clean air.

Pastured pigs under the walnut trees.

Pastured pigs enjoying pumpkin pie! It is really just surplus pumpkin from the gardens!

Pastured chickens enjoying the garden clean up this winter.

Pastured chickens enjoying the gardens and the grass.

Pastured sheep enjoying purple mountains majesty at sunset.

Pastured sheep named Snowball, but she could really be named Freckles!

Pastured turkey hen at the end of the day, Lulabelle, she likes to tease her mate, Buddy Love!

Pastured turkey on a walk about!

Pastured children and goats! Kids in the fresh air are the happiest kids we know!

Life on the pasture raised farm!

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