Sunday, February 16, 2014

We Need the Rain!

It has been so very dry in Southern Oregon since September. We are all very relieved to have this rain. Hopefully the river can keep up with the drainage. The river reached a flow in Grants Pass of over 18,000 cubic feet per second.  The Rogue River is considered flood stage at 20,000 cfs. Fortunately there was a lull in the rain to last long enough for more of the land to drain.  We have strategically placed water buckets under the barn roof line for the animals to drink easily and to access every bit that Mother Nature has to offer!

Buckets collecting rain water under the barn eaves.

Giant, old walnut trees. They look like sculptures.

Wonderful water everywhere!

Rain is literally streaming off of the barn.

Again, strategic placement on the buckets keeps them full!

Turkeys are dry and warm.

Pigs are getting ready to snuggle into the straw!

Amazingly, there were three eggs today.

Pretty wet, but chores are finished for the day. We are so lucky to have the rain!

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