Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter on the Farm

Easter on the farm was such a beautiful day! Southern Oregon sunshine blessed us with 70 degree weather!

Chocolate Easter bunnies were actually dime store figurines spray painted with brown glossy paint to look like real chocolate!

Easter bunnies in the flower pots!

Hot cross buns...made with plenty of eggs from the hen house.

Naturally colored eggs and more chocolate. This time the chocolate is edible!

Many years ago, precious Easter girls at the beach!

Easter bonnet and a needlepoint picture of Notre Dame Cathedral stitched and given to "Kenneth and Rose" for Christmas in 1934. The tiny intricate stitches at the hand of my great grandmother, Ada Lucy Lister. 

Look closely and you will see the turkeys and pigs eating their Easter lunch.

Ready to eat our Easter lunch with pretty flowers delivered by Cousin Glenn along with pretty pink hen. xo

Easter lunch included roasted ham, slow baked beans, green bean salad, deviled eggs, 
sourdough bread and quince honey.

Then there was pie! Peach pie tart and coconut cream pie.

Pretty little pansies and violets dressed up the pie for Easter Sunday!

They look good enough to eat.

A visit with the farm animals after lunch. The rooster and hens have been working in the vegetable garden bed all winter long. It is nearly ready for the spring tilling and planting.

Pigs in the shade under a former Christmas Tree, taking an afternoon nap in the cool grass.

Re energized and practicing the bunny hop!

Pigs are very social and very smart animals. So they were passing along Easter greetings.

Tim and Glenn enjoying the beautiful weather for Easter.

Captain Jack with his Last Call Crow!

We can never be thankful enough for our many blessings.
Happy Easter!

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