Sunday, June 1, 2014

Memorial Day Week End

It was a perfect weekend to celebrate family and friends, young and old and everything in between.
Here is to remembering the gift of service and freedom.

In between parades and planting the garden there was time to gather together for a BBQ on the farm.

But first a word from our sponsors!! Hey, look at these friendly pigs. They are now weighing about 250 pounds. They have a definite routine throughout the day and enjoy the company of the other farm animals.

Here the pigs feed and there are usually a hen or two ready to help clean up after the pigs eat.

Back to the BBQ! We used the fire pit with madrone wood for seasoned smoke flavor.

Jolene and Peter had plenty of supervision while the grilled up bison-elk burgers! YUM!!

Ryan helped set the tables and made sure the food was properly placed!

After a prayer of thanks, 13 grateful hearts sat down to share a meal prepared by many hands.

The first BBQ of the season was wonderful!

The kids filled to their hearts' content and then it was time for play.

Some fun in the sun and sprinklers.

Some needed more encouragement than others!!

Then the victory run through the sprinklers all together.

Strawberry Blueberry Shortcake covered in whipped cream made a patriotic dessert!

Of course there was plenty to go around.


Darrell and Jane, thank you for a career of service with the US Marine Corps!

Happy in the water!

Anna on the tire swing. There is always time for a ride.

And a gathering on the front porch as the sun was getting low in the sky.
It was a day to remember so many blessings.
Happy Memorial Day, 2014

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