Thursday, June 26, 2014

Strawberry Wedding Jam

Here is the bride, Jolene, preparing the first round of the wedding favor: strawberry jam! So that each guest can 'spread the love' after the wedding with a gift of homemade jam.  Five years ago, we made dozens and dozens of cookies with a monogram R for Karyn and Zac. Now, Jolene and Peter are preparing jam and we all got to share in the fun!

First batch is put into jars, taste tested and adjusted with a lot of help from Jojo in Tumwater and the perfect  size jamming potholders! Thank you Mom! xo

Round 2, not quite a double batch, but a nervous watch to keep berries from running over. Jolene watched and stirred and stirred and watched.

Round 3 had plenty of love stirred into it and many more good wishes.

Reinforcements arrived after work for Peter and for Jolene. Washing, trimming, slicing the berries.

Meanwhile, the farmhands packed away still hot jam to make room for another batch.

Snugged right back into the boxes that the jars were packed in, they will rest for 24 hours before labels and decorative tops go on to dress them up for the big day!

Steady progress is being made and it is still the same day! We are nearing the final batch of jam.

What a team! The bride and groom to be working together to make the wedding jam.

Oh, the sugar! We used nearly 35 pounds of sugar in all on this day!

Peter taking the challenge of keeping the jam in the pot without running over! It must come to a full rolling boil for 4 minutes with out spilling over the edges. A dab of butter makes the difference while stirring in good wishes!

Finally, 96 jars of Strawberry Wedding Jam ready to help spread the love!

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