Monday, January 19, 2015

Dinner Out

We headed downstream to our favorite place to eat out, The Galice Resort!

But we knew at this time of year Galice is closed for the winter so we brought our own dinner to enjoy outside on this rare, warmish, sunny day in January!

We started with farm fresh eggs because who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?!

We are still getting a few eggs a day even in the short days of winter!

The eggs were cracked into an onion ring. Yep, just a freshly sliced onion used as a place to hold the eggs!

They cooked alongside some farm fresh sausage.

Then they were stacked together to make a sausage-onion-egg bagel dinner sandwich!

There were a few extra onions cooked also so they went into the stack. Then the dinner sandwiches were wrapped in foil and packed in a picnic basket and we headed out for a beautiful view along the river.

We parked at the boatramp at Galice. The river is flowing high right now with the winter rains that we have had lately.

We ate our dinner outside and watched the ducks, herons and listened to the water.

We had the perfect place to eat our dinner out!

See you soon, Debbie!

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