Saturday, January 24, 2015

January in the Sunshine

The laying hens are in the garden at this time of year. They keep it clean, eat the left over grubs, and fertilize daily! As we clean the stalls out in the barn and deliver it by wheelbarrow full, the hens work it out and spread it around.

Pigs! Now three weeks on the farm and the star attraction for the neighborhood especially on a sunny Saturday. The pigs are enjoying rooting, running, playing, and eating walnuts.

Young hens and Ruby Rooster keep to themselves. There are six hens in the big pasture that should be great egg layers as the days are getting longer. We have 25 laying hens and 4 roosters on the farm right now.

Here is Big Boy! Our tom turkey is about 35 pounds and roams the pasture with the chickens and sheep.

Pigs and their farm friend, Dutchess! The dogs love to play chase along the fence line with the pigs.

We call these turkeys The Brute Squad. These Bronze turkeys are very docile. They roam the property and beg for walnuts at feeding time!

At the end of a sunny day, the pigs are enjoying some squash from the larder! What a treat to have the fog lift and the blue skies and sunshine on a January day!

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  1. How lovely to meet your menagerie! We have chickens in our yard too....we love them so much! They are so fun to watch. BIrds have such personality! How nice to come and visit your farm here :D