Thursday, March 17, 2011

~ Happy St. Patrick's Day ~

Here is a little journey through our day:

This quilt was handstitched by Grandma Wade with scraps from clothes she made for my dad and Aunt Billie Sue. The little photo in the middle of the shelf has my nephew David, Jolene and Karyn playing games through the window shelves at Ganny's house many years ago.

Beautiful roses and carnations were given to me from Tim, along with locally made candies in the Waterford crystal dish from Grandma Kelly. The quilt is a handmade gift from Karyn and has all of the grandchildren's names stitch on it. In the oval shaped frame is our two Irish girls when they were such tiny little people. xo

The breakfast of champions: farm grown sausage links, fresh eggs, and kiwi...well, the kiwi are green! My sister, Trina, can flip the eggs in the pan, but I never developed the proper wrist action. The eggs were cooked in the small iron skillet that was Grandad's and a gift from my mom.

The wonderful collection of cutting boards and wooden handled ulu knives are from Mom and Bob. The are the best made tools for the kitchen. The loaves of Chocolate Irish Potate Bread will be going to the Marks and Brown families. There are chocolate chip orange cookies on the stand.

The Irish Man at work for the college math classes he teaches. See the tree through the window? The moss really is that bright green color! Even walnut trees celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Our Irish Girl, Jolene, made a special delivery from her cupcake shop, Cocoa. She created Luck-O-The-Irish Pops in a variety of colors and flavors, each one was a delicious treat.

The tasty Irish Pops stood perfectly in the "Maher" mug. Maher is my mom's family name. My grandfather's family ran a pub in Dublin.

The corned beef and spices are put to simmer on the stove top. The smell of Irish dinner fills the house all day long.

Time for a toast with a little Irish, whiskey for himself and a stout for her. The little Irish Shamrock was made by Tim's Irish grandmother, Margaret (O'Brien) Chiappetti.

The table is set and for dinner we will eat corned beef and cabbage, potatoes and Irish Soda Bread.

My Irish Sweetheart, who has the best taste in music. We are listening to Martin Marron with Charlie Austin on the fiddle. The perfect choice.

Slicing the Irish Soda Bread, which we decided we liked best with currants or raisins. Tanks for joining us and a very Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you!

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