Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How the Eggs Turn Out!

All of a sudden the daylight hours are longer and the hens are busy! Tyler went to the barn to collect one or two and this is what he found!

Tyler was very pleased with the increased egg production and I was too! So I told Tyler everytime he found a load of eggs like this, they would turn into something special! Tyler continued to be happy!

This time the eggs turned into a Cherry Almond Cobbler!

Cherry Almond Cobbler with a tasty sweet sauce is exactly what the eggs turned into and what kept the sweet smile on Tyler's face! Of course, Tyler wanted everybody to share...

Soon, Anna and Ryan seemed to have the same sweet smiles at what eggs turn into and then...

Ada was ready to join the fun, and even though she could only smell the cherry goodness with her cousins, the sweetest smile spread across her cheeks as she thought she might eat some when she turns 1! By the way, the red bags are the latest fad in household decorating and furniture! Clever boys who discovered walnut (bean) bags!!

After everyone had a taste and licked their little fingers, Tyler sat down with Aiden as he tried to decide how the eggs will turn out next!! xoxoxoxoxo

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