Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring is Sneaking In

This was the end of the snow and Ryan, Anna, and Tyler helped slush it up to melt faster! There is still snow in the mountains all around the valley and even down to lower elevations, but here on the valley floor at about 1,000 feet above see level, we are snow free. The windy, blustery change of season weather is turning our minds to the farming that we want to do and will do soon.

Here are some onion starts we picked up at a small nursery near town. These are yellow Spanish onions. They sold the starts for $3.00 per pound. There are 150 starter pearls here. If each little start turns into a larger spheric spicy treat, then our onions will cost approximately .02 cents per onion. Of course that doesn't include the weeding and the watering! Anyway, it is cheaper than purchasing a single organic onion at the store for .93 cents a piece.

Now with all of the rain, we checked the budding on the fig trees that were planted last year. We lost one tree to the weather or the moon phase or the soil or the little ground squirrels that like to chew off tasty roots. So in the rain, which is good luck, we planted a fig tree.

We hope the "Oregon Prolific Fig" will like its new home in the pasture. It was perfect planting weather with plenty of pouring rain to settle the new fig start into the soil!
~That was our week end, we hope springtime is sneaking up on you too!

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