Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekend Treat

This is Ruth. She is the mother of a dear friend, Denise, who I have know since the age of 6! We went to Tom and Ruth's home for Sunday Brunch since Denise and her husband Randy were in town for a visit. Tom hunts every fall for deer and elk. On the menu Sunday morning was deer steak, biscuits and gravy, zucchini muffins, fresh fruit, coffee and juice. There was even a beautiful platter of homegrown tomatoes.

After brunch we went on the river for a float trip with Denise and Randy. When Denise and I were teens, we guided together for my family's business on the river. It was fun to see her back on the water again.

Here is Denise remembering how it is to row again and Randy was definitely cheering her on. They live near a lake and may need to invest in a row boat for the Southern California sunshine.

There was plenty of Oregon sunshine of Sunday as the temperatures warmed into the 90's and River Man Tim decided to swim along for awhile. The last days of summer seem to be the sweetest as we try to fit every bit of sunshine, warmth, family, and friendship into the free time.

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