Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ada Came to Visit

Ada and her Mama came to the farm for a three week working visit. They flew down from Alaska. Karyn works as a river guide for our rafting company and Ada hung out with Nana, Papa Auntie Tautie, Cousins Ryan, Tyler, Anna, and Aiden, and the doggies, chickens, and sheep on the farm! Here is Ada 'gardening'. I think the strawberries have passed inspection!

Next, Ada worked at dancing and playing with the stuffed bunny in the evening. Here she is making a spin.

Then she moved onto a bigger dance floor, aka, the deck! Ada is wearing a little dress that her Mama wore and that I wore. My Nana and Grandad brought the dress back from Hawaii.

After so many days of 'working', Ada went out on the river for a raft ride and dinner on the bank. The only visitors were the deer.

Finally, Ada got to visit Galice! After all that work, it was time for a burger. Thanks for coming to the farm and the river, Ada Belle, we miss you! Come back soon. Love, Nana and Papa ~


  1. What a sweet little girl. The photo of her devouring your strawberries is adorable.

  2. She's the cutest little thing every, now I want a granddaughter too :-( (no such luck here) That little dress is a lovely hand me down, amazed you still got it after all these years.
    Garden's looking good.
    Rina ... Our Slice of Heaven