Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wild Friends

While working at the 'office' these past weeks, there have been many wild friends along the way. This is who I have been hanging out with lately!

Drifting through Hellgate Canyon is just the beginning to a day full of wildlife!

There is also some wild times in the whitewater rapids!

Here is a great blue heron and he is very well camouflaged. Can you see this beauty?

The river turtles climb out onto rocks and limbs to sun themselves. Ultraviolet rays kill the bacteria that grow in the shell and make it soft.

An osprey is carrying extra branches and sticks to make the nest a little bigger. They are fish diving hawks and they have to watch out for bald eagles who might take their lunch.

Three gorgeous buck are bashfully running up the hillside! They all have the velvety softness still on their antlers.

A black bear is eating lunch with us, but decided to keep the river between us! Everyone digested their food peacefully!

Another young deer has discovered the joy of wading into the cool water to enjoy eating the super sweet blackberries.

The swallowtail butterflies flutter along and over our heads as we drift downstream.

Here is a bald eagle calmly watching over the river canyons. These magnificent birds will dive for fish or try to take a fish from a smaller bird.

The Canada Geese turn the adult color very quickly. Soon they will be flying south for some warm wintering weather.

The playful river otter have a hidden home in the rocks along the riverbank. They love to slip and slide into the river.

I think everyone needs some friends that hang out on the wild side!


  1. Beautiful shots of nature! What a wild wonderful life!

  2. I love your "office" and your "work colleagues" (except the bear, I don't like bears!).
    I will have to add your part of the world to my list of places I want to visit.
    Vicky. x