Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Black and White and Red

This hen is so pretty and such a good layer. We are excited that the days are getting long enough, warm enough, and dry enough that all of the hens are starting to renew their interest in the nesting boxes. Well, that is stretching it a little bit. The hens are actually renewing their interest in nesting, but not necessarily in the boxes provided no matter how much or how little we fluff the bedding.
These girls work so hard in the garden, spreading compost, eating walnuts, finding grubs, and sanitizing all of the property. This hen is a Barred Rock and sometimes called a Plymouth Rock chicken. They were first bred in this country in the early 1800's in the New England states. These chickens are not easily discouraged by cold weather and very dependably lay a richly colored brown egg. Of course all of the egg laying is done after the chores in the garden! Actually, the hens each have a specific time of day that they prefer to lay their eggs. This one happens to be a morning girl, but not too early!

Do you think she can tell she is being watched? She is looking in the coop from the outside. The hens get free range on the farm and the eggs are delicious. So here is to the girls and black and white and red all over the farm!

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  1. Barred chickens are one of my favorites. They are so pretty.
    I have put my name down to "adopt" some of the chickens my girls are hatching in class, so fingers crossed we will have some lovely layers too!