Sunday, February 12, 2012

Burn Day

All of the branches from heavy winds, some snow, rains, and pruning have been hauled and stacked and sorted and the rest are given to the burn pile. February has been such a mild month of weather so far, so it is a good time to burn.

Tim added a few extra layers once the blaze took off and then the fire got hot!

Once the heat of the fire takes off, we spend the rest of the day scooping and circling and watching the blaze to keep the fire stoked and to keep the outer edges moved into the heat. Although the skies are clear, the air is cool so we weren't the only ones who enjoyed the heat!

The Nigerian Dwarf goats are always very curious and settled down for the afternoon festivities. They wandered over before the fire was hot and then found a perfect distance from the flames to enjoy the fire.

This little beauty especially enjoyed the ambiance of the winter burn pile!

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