Monday, April 16, 2012

Bike Helmets. Wear Them.

If you have young children who love to ride bikes or scooters or skateboards, please make sure they wear protective helmets. Check the helmet to be certain it fits your child's head properly and securely. Make sure your youngster can easily buckle the helmet into place. There really aren't any style points for helmets and kids often times think they don't look "cool", but better safe than sorry. Other times, children are in such a big hurry for the fun to begin and the safety step is overlooked. An easy way to build in good habits of remembering and wearing the helmet is to buckle the helmet on the bicycle or scooter when it is not in use. Be sure equipment is stored properly so kids can access protective gear as soon as they want to play. Accidents happen so quickly and prevention is the best medicine. Please be diligent and protect the heads of the little and not so little people around you.


  1. Well said Kari. Someone I loved died from a head injury that could have been preventable.

    Moms and Dads, take this post to heart. Make your kids wear helmets and you wear them too!

  2. Thank you Annie. I am sorry to hear of your loved one's passing. Our sweet little Anna had quite a meeting with asphalt. She is recovering beautifully and we are all so very lucky she is ok. The message is so important: Wear the helmets.