Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Vigil

My sister, Trina was part of a very special ceremony at St. Anne's for the Easter week end. The service started late in the evening at the bonfire, and lasted nearly 4 hours.

The Holy candle was blessed and then the flame was used to light Father Bill's candle, who in turn lit another wick and so on until all attending had a single flame to light the way back into the church.

My niece, Margaret, in the pink dress and her friend Emily, carefully guarded their precious flames as we all slowly walked back inside.

The single candle was held for about 30 minutes inside the church. When the flames were extinguished, the candles were set in the pew backs in front of us. They were used again later, when Father Bill had some children relight their candles from the Holy Flame and light up the parish. The children were pleased with this powerful lesson.

Trina is on the right with friend, Jen. The service was given in both English and Spanish and the bilingual music, prayers, and blessing added to the celebration of the evening... Just one candle burning bright can fill the world with light ~

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