Saturday, March 10, 2012

Comfort Food

The hens are really treating us to some brightly colored eggs now that the days are getting a little longer. These are simply creamy scrambled eggs cooked with a dab of butter, a splash of half and half, and chives. Cooked soft and left to finish cooking in the cast iron skillet off of the heat keeps them at their creamy best! We had three days of 60-70 degree days with 23-25 degree nights. Now the cold winds are blowing in again with rain and snow. March is presenting herself as both a lamb and a lion!

Here are some buttery orange-raisin scones. There are a few golden raisins left. These scones have a little orange oil added to them and cook up quickly when they are just free form dropped onto the cooking stone. Both the eggs and the scones are great comfort foods to end the wildly approaching change of seasons from winter to spring. How does the end of winter look in your neck of the woods?

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