Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Grandmother's Flower Garden

It is Spring Break in Oregon and that means all of the public schools are closed for a week and many families take a vacation or visit relatives. Our break included a little visit downtown Grants Pass to the Antique Mall. This beautifully preserved quilt, called Grandmother's Flower Garden was displayed in the window of the store, along with a perfectly matching metal bed-frame. This pattern of quilt was very popular in the 1920's and 1930's and just in time to brighten up any home as the Great Depression settled in across the nation and the world. It is a very labor intensive pattern made mostly from scraps. Each hexagonal pattern is pieced and stitched almost completely by hand. What a beautiful quilt and inspiration. Of course we were truly window shopping, so the precious quilt is still on display in the store window!


  1. Hi Kari & Tim
    What a beauty! I would have been so tempted to buy the quilt. Also out of desperation to have a finished quilt ... not the half attempt at sewing one which now lives in a plastic tube very, very far from finished. My hand stitching was so shocking I just shoved it in the box. Maybe oneday ... onwards to read some more. Have a lovely day

  2. You can't believe how tempting it is to buy it! I drove into town today and made sure my route went past the store with the beautiful quilt...it is still there! You have stitched so many beautiful pieces, I bet when you pull your quilt from storage you will be surprised how much you accomplished.

  3. I love this pattern!! It's so pretty and oh so complicated to sew!!! :)