Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day

Here are some of the flowers around the farm right now. The air is sweet with the scent of all of the buds bursting!

These are singing apple trees! The duet is full of bees wildly pollinating and honey making. The tree on the left produces beautiful Golden Delicious apples, my personal favorite for fresh eating, and the tree on the right is a Gala Apple tree.

Here are the pretty pinks and whites on the blooms and the buds. These trees smell wonderful right now!

The trees are literally humming with at least 15 different varieties of bees and wasps and hornets. Look closely and you will see a honey bee.

This is Her Majesty! This old apple tree must be as old as the house, some 80 years. The apple tree produces a branch or two of Yellow Translucent apple and Red Gravenstein. The tree looks small only next to the very old walnut trees. We made the majority of our applesauce and pie filling from these two varieties this year.

The lilac tree is now in full bloom and the sharp sweet scent fills the air across the farm. This tree is 12 years old and Tim prunes and shapes it every year to make it more of a tree than a bush.

Bearded Iris in the pretty purple blue grow along the rock garden at one corner of the farm. The old heirloom variety bloom before the newer hybrid irises.
Finally, there are some geraniums in the planter on the front porch. They still need protection from the frosty cold nights. The sign above the flowers at the front door says "Cead Mile Failte" written in the Gaelic. It sounds like "cade millyah faltche to you" and one hundred thousand welcomes to you, too ~


  1. Nothing shouts Spring more than apple blossom.
    My little twigs... I mean trees... have a few blossoms on them but it will be years before they are as spectacular as yours.

  2. Beautiful! I love flowering fruit trees, they are just so gorgeous! We picked up 2 apple trees today, I am excited to get them planted.

  3. Woops, that last comment was by's Annie lol!