Thursday, January 12, 2012

Button Blankets

These are a grade school version of a Northwest Coast Button Blanket. The blankets are made out of paper bags that have been worked and worked and worked by little hands. Just when students thought they were finished they had more working to do! Then the totems, which were salmon, raven, thunderbird, otter, orca, and bear were colored onto the softened 'hides'. Finally, holes were punched and yarn was tied in patterns of black and red. These blankets take over a week of very focused attention to detail to complete and the children take such pride in their work. Annie from Country Living in a Cariboo Valley, took photos of authentic blankets, robes, headdress and masks from a recent trip while she was in Prince Rupert. Thank you Annie, for the pictures and descriptions! I will enjoy sharing them with my students.

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