Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The chicken coop was cleaned out over the weekend and all of the carbon rich manure was put into the garden. There were thirteen piles, but the little two-footed feathered friends made a quick job out of distributing the compost.

The hens don't like a dirty coop and they won't lay eggs if they think there is a bad odor in the nest boxes. It is a slow time for egg layers anyway, but the hens that are producing deserve a clean spot to lay.

Hard at work in her own pile, this golden sex link hen will make easy work of moving and sanitizing the straw and manure. This will add great nutrition to the garden soil. Isn't it amazing how warm it looks? There are frozen bits of snow in the shadows! Night time temperatures are dipping to the low 20's. Nothing like a hen party to warm up the January days!


  1. Very happy looking hens.
    I keep trying to wish you a belated happy birthday on your birthday post but my silly computer is playing up, so I'll have to do it on this one. Happy Birthday. hope you had a wondeful time. xx

  2. Thank you, Vicky! Yes it was a wonderful day. x