Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sing For Your Supper

Henry and Tessa came to dinner tonight. Henry has a great talent with his singing and guitar and Tessa is equally talented as is Lisa, who we missed on this night. The songs are usually folk songs and some are verses written by Henry. Tonight one of them was called, When I First Came to this Land. The lyrics are a kick. Henry has such a good time singing and so do we. The link is not to Henry, but we will have to work on that!

We had pasture raised pork chops that were cooked in the smoker, garlic mashed potatoes with a yam cooked in for the orange party color, cole slaw and raisins, applesauce, bread and butter pickles, pickled beets, and chocolate cake. We first met Tessa at 6 days old and now she is nearly 11. What a joy to watch her grow up and what a treat to share some songs and a meal with dear friends.

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  1. Your dinner sounds fabulous!! :) I love garlic. :)